A little about me

My name is Dominic, and Iā€™m currently Design Lead for qwilr, based in Sydney. Over the past year I've been redesigning their core offering, extending value to their growing customer base, and maturing design and its systems across the product and engineering team. Before Qwilr, I was Head of Design for smart sparrow, managing design on their quite of products, their brand and marketing, creating the next generation of online learning tools for educators.

Although originally trained in Industrial Design at brunel, I came to a turning point in my final year project redesigning a neonatal ventilator for sle. Sleeker mouldings and manufacturing efficiencies couldn't help me with the biggest issues with use ā€“ and the part I wasn't allowed to design ā€“ the UI. Whilst Industrial Design had heritage and substance, designing for the screen had agility and speed, and I've been designing for it ever since.

Outside of design, writing and film are my main passions, and are something Iā€™m going to be working on more this year. If you have an interesting project and want to collaborate, email me or reach out on Twitter - I'd love to hear from you.

Dominic Sebastian